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Masala Dhosa is a South Indian delicacy and is perhaps the most sought South Indian delicacy in the world. It is also very rare to find in restaurants throughout the world.

*Plain Dhosa Traditional rice pancake served with mixed vegetable sauce and coconut chutney

*Masala Dhosa Traditional rice pancake with potato and onion filling served with lentil sauce and coconut chutney

*Jyoti Special Masala Dhosa Large rice pancake with filling of potato, onions, pineapple and mild peppers served with mixed
Vegetable sauce and coconut chutney



Normal Thali
Two Curries of Chef's choice, 2 rotis, daal, rice, pickles, papadum and barfi.

Chef's Choice Thali
Three curries of Chef's choice, 4 puris, daal, rice, raita, pickle, papadum, onion bhajiya and rasmalai

Jyoti Special Thali Three curries of Chef's choice, daal, rice, pickle, papadum, 2 puris, 2 rotis, raita, samosa and kulfi


*Chana Batura Chickpea curry served with two fluffy fried breads

Puri and Aloo Curry Potato curry served with four fluffy fried breads

*Puri and Aloo Curry with Mango Pulp Potato curry served with four fluffy fried breads and mango pulp

*Puri and Aloo Curry with Shrikhand Potato curry served with five fluffy fried breads and shrikhand

All dishes £5.75
Spicy Curry Dishes.
Please Note: May contain traces of nuts

Bengan Masala Spicy aubergine curry

Bhindi Masala Spicy Okra (Lady Fingers) curry

Chana Masala Spicy Chickpea Curry

Makai Masala Spicy sweetcorn curry

Mixed Vegetable Masala Variety of vegetables in a curry sauce

Phool Khobi Masala Spicy cauliflower curry


All dishes £ 5.75
Also available in Karai (Balti) Dishes @ £1.00 extra.
Extra ingredients in curry @ £0.50 each

Aloo Curry Potato Curry

Aloo Matar Potato and Peas

Aloo Methi Potato and Fenugreek leaves

Aloo and Onions Potato and Onions

Aloo and Tomatoes Potato and Tomato

Bengan and Aloo Aubergine and Potato

Bengan Bartha Oven baked aubergine cooked with tomatoes and onion

Bengan Methi Aubergine and Fenugreek leaves

Bhindi Curry Okra (Lady Fingers)

Bindi and Aloo Okra and Potatoes

Chana Curry Chickpea curry

*Daal Makhany Mixed lentils cooked in butter with herbs and spices

Makai and Matar Sweetcorn and peas

Makai and Paalakh Sweetcorn and Spinach

Makai and Patra Sweetcorn and colocasia leaves

Makai and Tomatoes Sweetcorn and tomatoes

Mixed Vegetable and Daal Mixed vegetables and lentil

Mixed Vegetable and Mushroom Mixed vegetables and mushroom

Mixed Vegetable and Paalakh Mixed vegetables and spinach

Mushroom Curry

Paalakh Curry Spinach Curry

Paalakh and Aloo Spinach and Potato

Paalakh and Chana Spinach and chickpeas

Paalakh and Daal Spinach and lentil

Paalakh and Matar Spinach and peas

Paalakh and Tomatoes Spinach and tomatoes

Phool Kobi and Aloo Cauliflower and potato

Phool Kobi, Tomato and Matar Cauliflower, tomato and peas

Tarka Daal Lentil Curry


All dishes £5.95
All dishes contain paneer (Indian cheese)

*Paneer Bhurji Indian cheese cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, cashew nuts and tomato

*Paneer Chilli Indian cheese cooked with chillies and spices

*Paneer Stuffed Aubergine Aubergine stuffed with Indian cheese, ginger, garlic and chillies

*Paneer Jalfresi Indian cheese with coconut in spicy sauce

*Paneer Tikka Masala Indian curry with Indian cheese

*Matar Paneer Pea curry with Indian cheese

*Paalakh and Paneer Spinach and Indian cheese curry

*Paneer and Chana Indian cheese and chickpea curry

Items marked with * are s not suitable for vegans.