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Rajendra and Mukesh Joshi, and their wives, Harsha and Bhavna Joshi, have been in the restaurant business since 1977.

Over the years, we helped and learnt the secrets of the recipes used by our parents which were passed down through generations regarding the delicious sweets and ingredients used in making very tasty vegetarian dishes.

The business started in 1977 with Rajendra and Mukesh's parents, who began working not for the money, but for the passion.

'A business shouldn't be all about the money, but it should be more about loving what you do. That's the key to a successful business'
Rajendra Joshi.

There was no other vegetarian restaurant or sweet centre anywhere around us. Nevertheless, we managed to keep the business going as it gradually expanded. At the age of 22, Rajendra Joshi began to assist in serving and buying goods. He progressively began to learn some of the recipes and ways of running and managing the business. After his marriage, Harsha Joshi also joined the business by learning the recipes and helping to cook and clean.

After the education of Mukesh Joshi, he also began to support his family in the business. Mukesh Joshi worked on the paperwork and well as serving customer together on the paperwork as well as serving. Mukesh also learned the traditional recipes and dishes while helping out. Similarly, after the marriage of Mukesh Joshi, Bhavna Joshi assisted Harsha in cooking the traditional recipes taught by their Mother-in-Law.