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Raj and Mukesh Joshi first got involved in the food business when they started working in their father's Vegetarian Restaurant in 1977. As time progressed, they learnt the art of how to make a great curry and this has been reflected in the awards they have received such as 'Best Balti' award and the 'overall winner' trophy at the Nightlife Awards 2002.

Their restaurant, 'Jyoti's' is an Indian 'pure vegetarian Indian restaurant and sweet centre' serving primarily Gujarati food. Jyoti offers exotic flavours and massive choice. The menu has a thoroughly authentic feel with a fascinating glimpse of varied cuisines.

The menu has 15 starters and 72 main courses as well as a sizeable list of rice accompaniments and sundries. The food is unbelievably cheap and the staff very friendly. Another joy of this restaurant is the wealth of unusual ingredients which allows the chef to make plain and complex dishes.

Then amongst the many visitors, Jyoti has had the pleasure of serving the celebrities Antony Worrall Thompson and Jamie Oliver.